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What To Look For When Searching For The Right General Contractor

photo of consstruction site Labor Aerial | What To Look For When Searching For The Right General Contractor

Finding a general contractor can be an arduous task. Developers experience pain points which include: lack of communication, limited trust, misaligned interests, and a misunderstanding of risk. Franklin Construction Limited combats this headache with four pillars: candid communication, proactive problem solving, team expertise, and strong relationships. Developers, this is for you! 

Candid Communication

Franklin Construction commits to transparent discussions from the start. Whether it is an in-person or virtual meeting, our clients and consultants build clear and realistic expectations together from the beginning. Our value-oriented team always takes the time to talk through all necessary elements. The pre-construction phase of our process includes OAC meetings throughout your experience to align on budget, desired outcome, and timeline necessary for a successful project. 

Proactive Problem Solving 

Conscious attention to the smallest details is imperative for conceptualizing budgets, considering sustainability efforts, and anticipating maintenance requirements before even breaking ground. This part of the process helps to mitigate risk, increase savings, and boost overall satisfaction.


Team Expertise

With nearly two decades of industry experience, you can put your trust in our well-tenured team at Franklin Construction Limited. This group of nationwide builders specializes in a wide variety of projects with an exceptional portfolio of 6,000+ projects. Our experience spans from senior living, housing authorities, HUD/tax credit, multi or single family, student housing, and historical/rehab.


Strong Relationships

Finding a partnership that starts and stays reliable is key. Focused on the long term, our goal is to become your preferred general contractor. Partnerships are at the core of who we are. We focus on long-term relationships with partners interested in sharing quality, education, expertise, return, and results – where units become years. Through our extensive familiarity with local housing authorities, small businesses, and large corporations – we are committed to building exceptional housing communities together! 

With Franklin Construction Limited, you can expect candid communication, proactive problem solving, team expertise, and strong relationships: the ideal general contractor candidate. Learn more about our process and how we can build something together on our website