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Maximize College Years with Student Housing

College marks four years of rapid personal and professional transformation. To authentically grasp the college experience, immersion in both on-campus and off-campus environments is key. As you navigate this time, consider student housing as a remarkable opportunity for off-campus engagement. Beyond the classroom, these living spaces offer a holistic experience – fostering connections, independence, and a vibrant community. 

What Makes Student Housing Unique?

Off-campus student housing is purposefully designed to cater to college students. Unlike a dorm, these properties are privately owned with no university affiliation. Off-campus living is a popular option among upperclassmen seeking autonomy from dorm regulations, but still wanting to be close to school. 

Benefits of Living in Student Housing 

Specialized Amenities: These complexes often offer standard amenities such as pools, laundry rooms, and fitness centers. Additionally, they will also include student-tailored ones! Franklin Construction builds computer labs, group study rooms, and social spaces in into their student housing projects. Certainly, these amenities ensure that students are nurturing their education and social time without commuting to campus.

Convenience: Frequently situated only miles away from a university, these properties grant students the convenience of walking or biking to their classes and organization meetings. Complexes may even provide a bus system for students.

Budget-Friendly: Unlike most apartment complexes, pricing is set based on the knowledge that most tenants are likely unemployed.These complexes also frequently come furnished. We utilize conscious budgeting practices in every build. This reduces unnecessary costs!

Greater Independence: Although dorms do offer a space for independent living, they also impose regulations on the possessions permissible within your unit. Likewise, off-campus options offer relief by adhering to more flexible standards akin to those of conventional housing complexes.

Optimal Safety: Recognizing the significant concern for safety within college towns, management companies are well aware of this priority.  In order to ease parents’ worries, these builds are equipped with greater safety measures than the average complex. Franklin Construction knows how to optimize safety within their builds, evident from the assisted living facilities and student housing projects in their portfolio.

18 Seventy Nine – Franklin Construction Limited Project

18 Seventy Nine, offers luxurious living accommodations for Sam Houston State University Bearkats! It is located half a mile from campus. This residence stands as a purposeful creation, dedicated to empowering students on their educational journey. Its amenities are designed to support education and personal growth. The community includes a resort-style pool, community clubhouse, fitness center, 24/7 safety measures and fully furnished units. So, this is the perfect place for any student looking to make the most of the Bearkat experience!

Franklin Construction is known industry-wide as a top brand with our transparency, fairness and development-minded ideas. Therefor, if you want our team to bring your single family dwelling, senior living community, or rehabilitation center  to fruition, reach out today.