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El Jardin’s Revival: General Contractor Franklin Construction Limited Takes the Lead

El Jardin’s Revival: General Contractor Franklin Construction Limited Takes the Lead

El Jardin Hotel, a historic landmark constructed in 1927 in downtown Brownsville, is poised for a remarkable revival, thanks to the expertise of the general contractor, Franklin Construction Limited. Following its closure in the 1980s, this iconic building remained dormant for decades, leaving the community’s fervent desire for its restoration unfulfilled.

Acknowledging the urgent need for affordable housing for lower-income families, the Housing Authority of the City of Brownsville (HACB) embarked on an ambitious mission to fully restore the El Jardin Hotel. Vice Chairman of HACB, Jesse Miller, disclosed a staggering waitlist of over ten thousand families in need of new housing.

As the chosen general contractor for this monumental project, Franklin Construction Limited, renowned for its excellence in construction and commitment to community development, has been entrusted with the task. Since the partnership with HACB’s, the Franklin Construction Limited team has been diligently working to initiate the restoration process.

Project Details:

  • Number Of Units : 44

  • Project Duration : 16 Months

  • Project Cost : $20,000,000.00

  • Under Construction

  • Historic Rehabilitation

A Bright Future for El Jardin

The revival of El Jardin is not merely about preserving a historical structure; it’s about delivering a brighter future for the community. Franklin Construction Limited, acting as the general contractor, is fully committed to preserving the building’s unique character while incorporating modern elements.

Construction has officially commenced, marking the beginning of this transformative journey. With unwavering determination and enthusiasm, our team, as the general contractor, is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of this project meets the highest standards.

The restored El Jardin will not only serve as a symbol of resilience but also as a haven for families to thrive. It will provide them not just with a place to live but an opportunity to establish their own legacies.

Understanding the weight of responsibility that comes with this project,

Franklin Construction Limited, as the general contractor, is committed to delivering results that make our community proud. As the doors of El Jardin are set to reopen, we extend an invitation to celebrate this historic moment with us.

Stay Tuned for Updates

The journey to restore El Jardin is only beginning, and we invite you to closely follow our progress as the general contractor. At Franklin Construction Limited, we are honored to spearhead this transformative project and eagerly anticipate sharing updates, milestones, and stories from the heart of the renovation.

As we tirelessly work to breathe new life into El Jardin, we remain profoundly grateful for the trust and support of our community. Together, we are not just reconstructing a historic structure; we are rekindling the spirit of Brownsville, one step at a time.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments and a grand reopening that promises to be a momentous occasion for us all. The future of El Jardin is brighter than ever, and we can’t wait to unveil it to the world.


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