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Submission Requirements:

Contractor reserves the right to void/deny/delay the warranty request and resubmittal will be required if the following occur:

  1. No attempt was made correct or resolve the submitted warranty issue by the Management team
  2. No photos of the issue were uploaded and submitted
  3. Warranty request did not provide sufficient information and/or items were incomplete.
  4. Failure to properly follow the emergency warranty request process (third-party costs will be responsibility of Owner or Management team)

Emergency Warranty Request Process:

In the event that an emergency arises (flooding, loss of power, HVAC shutdown), Owner and Management team are to perform the following process in the order listed:

  1. Management team attempts to correct or resolve issue
  2. Management team contacts the Contractors Project Manager (PM)
  3. If the PM isn’t responsive, Management Team contacts the Contractors Lead Superintendent(s)
  4. If the PM and the Superintendent isn’t responsive, Management team contacts the appropriate contact on the provided list of emergency contacts (received upon completing the first building)
  5. If all of the above are unavailable or unresponsive, Management team may contact a third-party source (no affiliation with FCL or construction of the project)
  6. Management team to submit a formal warranty request form within 12 hours of the emergency event.

Additional Notes:

  1. Contractor reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or require resubmission if a team member of the Management team is not present during the subcontractors visit to inspect and repair the warrantable item.
  2. General items that will not be replaced or considered warrantable:
    1. Light bulbs (unit and building light fixtures)
    2. Batteries (emergency lights, smoke alarms or detectors, etc.)
    3. HVAC air filter
  3. Light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, exhaust fans, etc., when in need of replacement, will be shipped directly to the site for the Management Team to self-perform installation at Contractors discretion. 
  4. Total loss of the one-year warranty, or a shortened one-year warranty can occur if it is found that the units were not being properly maintained under the ownership of the Management team or Owner. Examples include:
    1. HVAC system not operable (systems to be set at 76-78 degrees cool in the summer)
    2. Heat to be set at 68 degrees minimum in the winter
    3. Walking of unoccupied turn units doesn’t appear to be occurring by Management

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